julie-puss (joyful_grrrl) wrote in pdx_for_free,

attn: muppet fans!

love The Muppets?

not doing anything in the next hour?

i have FOUR vintage drinking glasses from The Great Muppet Caper that have been for sale at Daylight Savings, a rad vintage shop behind Burnside Proper Salon.

i'm moving all my merchandise out, and i'd rather see these glasses go to a fan than have them break.

the first person who comes to retrieve them before 10PM tonight, friday, gets them for free. please be a muppet fan!

if you can't make it tonight.... leave me a comment and if no one picks them up tonight, maybe they'll be yours.

624 E Burnside. enter through the alley between Burnside Proper and RonTom's!

they're gone! thanks for playing, kids!
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