Jennifer (jenbeckpdx) wrote in pdx_for_free,

free rescued cat

my neighbor has been evicted and she left her cat behind. he has gone without food or water for 3 days. i just went to winco and bought cat food, a litter box, litter, a scoop for poop, and a food dish.  

i am extremely allergic to pets. does anyone have the loving capacity to love this cat and take him into their home

what they'd get:

a neutered adult male cat who i have known since he was a kitten. he is sweet and doesn't scratch furniture
a brand new litterbox 
a brand new bag of litter
a brand new food dish
a brand new bag of cat food
and a brand new poop scoop

please respond to this somebody because i love this animal so much and i think it is heartless to just abandon him! i hope someone out there will give him the love he deserves.
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Try posting in damnportlanders
will do! i just woke up to him and he's so sweet and cuddly! he needs a home.